lewd weeb 

the mission also has some interesting concepts


i know you won't like what's inside this cw 

i know you won't like what's inside this cw 

laure :garfieldpipe: channeled

*bright acoustic guitar starts playing*

laure :garfieldpipe: channeled

Of course I decided to make a git repo after I lost the same UI tree structure for the thrid time.

I also saved some cool ideas for later and I'm starting to think about how the (as of right now) greatest mechanic will work.

Today I implemented a registry for the different kind of constants I need for my game. And also connected a few more player states to the UI. I am ready to implement the next states and if everything goes well, I can actually start coding the first mechanics.

One of the hardest parts of making a game dev tycoon clone is coming up with variable names because now Game could mean the actual game itself or a game inside the game.
And what about if the game inside the game is about making games???

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