Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

Sometimes I think about how I should periodically stand up at least for a few seconds from my chair for health reasons... and then I remember that I'm constantly going back and forth to the kitchen to open the door for the cats going in and out lol

Booted Windows cause I already had CSGO installed there. Played a bit, and then tried to configure my gamepad for stramvr.
Then I googled something and I got a blue screen. Fml.

in the last few years I completely extended and even renewed my musical taste to the point where I feel like a completely different person. It's nice

I get horny af listening to ken ashcorp

so... my headset passed away today. And I haven't got the money to buy any good ones...

I already wrote and immediately deleted three VERY horny toots. Like, porn title levels of horny.

lewd again 

very lewd 

I want to post lewds and get more interaction in general... :(

of course this was to my girlfriend, no harassment involved

I just sent a dickpic with the caption "nodoby expects the etc". Yep, It's drunk tiem

I ended up loading my old save and it went fine. Only one villager left and it's one that I didn't like that much. I wish it was Ribbot tho

Seriously considering starting a new AC new leaf save

For some reason I've been thinking that I was 21 instead of 20 for a few days... If someone asked me I would have said 21 without noticing

I always end up googling how to toggle certain features

btw I haven't watched mirai nikki yet. I tend to force myself to watch things by doing shit like this lol

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