Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
laure :garfieldpipe: channeled
laure :garfieldpipe: channeled

so... possible migration has started.
I followed some people that I followed here and although I haven't properly set up my profile there yet, I feel confident about it

I want to post lewds but I feel like I shouldn't. I'm so in need of showing myself lol


rob miles: so that's a problem.

that new ETS2 update looks amazing. I'm also waiting for Terraria 1.4 and Derail Valley overhauled. May is the best 2020 month so far. (it was easy tho)

Depression vent (I'm fine actually) 

Supporting a young trans girl but then realizing I still haven't paused everything else to think about what I am lol

laure :garfieldpipe: channeled

I had to deliver something to my gf's house today and we accidentally touched hands and I'm still shaking.
We haven't seen each other in 40 days. Quarantine is hard.

Another gift from yesterday uwu

I swear I love this girl, how could I resist this?

Guys from elementary school decided to make a whatsapp group (after 9 freaking years) and want to party or something once quarantine is over.
I'm 'bout to drop some hard suicide jokes into that group.

me awfully hitting my hand against uke strings. Not on tempo. Not great. But it makes me happy nonetheless

My gf drew this for me the other day and I almost cried, I love it so much uwu

It bothered me that I had to identify as "male" on a government site. They were clearly asking for the sex that my ID states but...
I think I wish it was different

Heck, we've already seen some bugs in the anti-cheat system of the Valorant beta.

Riot games are going to require it's own kernel driver to supposedly stop cheaters. I'm not saying it WILL be spyware, but it could. Or it may have bugs and vulnerabilities.
I guess the only solution would be not to play any riot games, but even then, other big companies could follow this trend, making it a common practice.

Sometimes I think about how I should periodically stand up at least for a few seconds from my chair for health reasons... and then I remember that I'm constantly going back and forth to the kitchen to open the door for the cats going in and out lol

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