Daily Magick Correspondence:
Monday quarter moon in Pisces:
Emotion magick that deals with calming and peacefulness, divination/prophetic magick, creative endeavors, water/sea-based elemental magick, shedding light on the truth,
Crystals: aquamarine, fluorite

So does anyone here follow ? I can't find anything with her tags. Anyway, we're a plural system and we follow and . We honestly find it amusing that Brigid and Loki are both "plurality" icons, and it took us so long to put two and two together.

A normal pagan giving an offering:
-Sets up an altar
-Meditates to channel in with their deity
-creates some beautiful chant
-places offering in a centerpiece display
Me, a :
-tosses a shot of said wierd ass beer into the rain

The Various Vaettir 

I'm selling pagan buttons, and .
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systemj channeled

Three of Cups, reversed, representing expression. Mistaking giddiness for true affection.

Summer Solstice Daily Tarot Spread
1 King of Vessels Heron- Artistic ability, honesty and integrity, purposeful equality, responsibility, consideration of others, affection, support and companionship
2 Nine of Arrows Dedication- What do you need to dedicate yourself too? (Cleaning my place)
3 Page of Vessels Otter- Loyalty, devotion, study, willingness to serve, vision and contemplation, co-operation, and perceptiveness

Common name: Green onion
Botanical name: Allium cepa
Gender: M
Powers: cleansing, money, psychic powers, protection, promises, healing, prophetic dreams, lust, endurance, prosperity
Uses: Grow in garden to shield against evil. Take flowers into the home as a prophetic amulet. Cut into halves or quarters to absorb negative energy. Burn onion skins in fire to promote riches. Place beneath pillow to promote prophetic dreams.

Evening all, we are a plural system who follows Celtic, Norse and Astrological paganism. I am a devotee to Goddess Brigid and Loki. I'm interested in discussion of intersectionality, and sharing knowledge on niche topics.


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