samhain is literally happening. and i just dont. care. at all!!!!

time passes so quickly & i have lost myself once again.

bought a new scarf from the charity shop. excited to get more creative with hellenic veiling!!

feelings: hurt 

"don't do shadow work," the goddess says very directly - just to see me running to do shadow work.

ugh i should have done motivation spell or something yesterday. but i did not. so here we are.

at this point i'm practically just collecting names for myself.

oh isn't the whole life just one big devotional act...

i matched with a wiccan on tinder. can't wait to overshare about my religious views in person lol.

so so quiet.... should i continue screaming to the void or shut up too?

i really want to talk about hellenic polytheism lol. too bad i have no one to talk to. better write my diary.

"it's only early autumn, not the end of the universe" aka some notes abt balcony sleeping.

- light pollution is a thing 😾 so many lights in the nearby building
- i could still see the stars when i woke up in the middle of the night....
- sleep quality jumped to very very high
- it wasn’t that cold? would definitely do it again lol

ok so i have decided to sleep in my balcony.. might be the best mistake in a while. will update more later.

feeling because the store had exactly one package of the flour i need for my bread recipe left. perfect timing...

i just started in a gardening school a year later than i was supposed to + the place is already falling apart. they might have to cancel the horticulture stuff which was supposed to be my thing :angery:

i'm so excited for dark moon tomorrow!!! i'm going to get pomegranate juice and work with chthonic deities :ablobcatrave:

not sure how active we'll be here because one alter, elise, is extremely cautious of sharing any information. lol.

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