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So, my car went BOOM! today while doing some errands. The mechanic put the estimated cost at $3000 for a new engine, and $2200 if they can work with the old one. PLEASE HELP IF YOU CAN. My PayPal is mousse412@hotmail.com, and my Cash app is cash.me/$spunkyspark.

@spookywitch I sent you $50, you can thank @LogicalDash who's rightfully championing your cause.

@hypolite @LogicalDash Thank you, Dash. Thank you, Hypolite. This came out of nowhere and I'm scrambling to get it fixed. I live rurally and I need the car to access basic resources.

@spookywitch @LogicalDash You're welcome, I know how it is outside of only a handful of US cities where public transportation is effective.

@hypolite @LogicalDash there's absolutely none in my area. I live 49 miles from the nearest suburban town. I'm lucky that a fairly priced mechanic operates in my area.

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