Anna erred in not having a robust mod team, but the way I understand is that Mastodon doesn't allow you to set roles with varying permissions as Discord, Facebook, IRC, and formerly Google+ does. So, basically, you can make someone an admin with full control over even the most vulnerable settings that could fuck up your Mastodon instance, so she's forced to give people that much trust, and I can personally see how that would be difficult. I've gone through many mod teams over the years as activity in these groups increased and different approaches & policies needed to be implemented as the scope of the communities grew. Some thought I unfit for having PTSD.

Anna, on all accounts corrected course, made new admin to help her lead, and has demonstrated self-critique that I've found rare in my fellow humans. Id have approached the popsugar incident with a lot more grace and immediate reassurance, but Anna saw what that thread begot from people with an axe to grind with her, so she snippily remarked that they could've @'d at her for immediate response, she never wanted to bury the incident or ignore it, so why this isolatory behavior towards the whole of The issue is her immediate response was not the right one, and people are just slamming the door on her instead of lifting each other up.

I think @socialskeleton and the Cryptids council are erring on the decision to defed with considering all the action that has been committed to by Anna in raising two good w.l members to be her fellow admin, expressed genuine remorse for the incident, and the self-critique she did. You don't see her attempting to evade her mistakes or not own up to them, so at this point, it's just bewildering that others are not seizing this opportunity to make intra Masto instance relationships more vital in lifting one another up towards what we want out of the fediverse, but lessening it by grimly isolating the now corrected issues at hand.

I don't begrudge them either, but I just feel a sense of loss and that is what I wish to convey by and large. Restorative justice should be a guiding principle on the fediverse. It's like I run a wide variety of communities of different scale and scope, and the one thing I've found most beneficial is ecking out not punishment, but an opportunity to rehabilitate, and in doing so I turned problematic community members into some of the strongest pillars that hold the communities afloat. I've been so successful that I've managed to sell many of these spaces to members with similarly bold visions of what the space can be, and the community becomes enriched by it.

Enter discipleship

I lay the foundation, create robust policies, and I always ban cop stans too. The latter is my most proud achievement. Nobody likes cops after all. I don't put the identity this Masto account is attached to the groups in question, because I just want to create wholesome spaces, and not accumulate social clout. I could definently do just that, but it centers me as the guiding hand of these spaces, and deprives members of their personal stake in them. I don't ban members unless necessary. I mediate between the offender & offended, and I focus on bringing people together, so that they can move on beyond me when the time is right.

And it's like, naturally, people can lead in other ways, but I feel like learning from experiences and becoming better for it is the most important thing for a community, and I fear the typical response to such is to punish by isolation, whereas I see a more cohesive fediverse heading into the future only if we uplift each other when we make mistakes. Again, I begrudge nobody a thing. I'd be honest with you about it if I did. I just fear this loss of potential for greatness.

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