Rune-enchanted cant

Welcome to my life. It is a mindfuck that Jordan Peele couldn't conjure out of the Twilight Zone. Please take a seat in front of your viewing square and bask in the existential horror that is sure to delight the sadist deep inside your heart as we traverse the vast gulfs of the Spooky Zone.

asking for help to buy food 

I've noticed myself becoming slightly less restrained. I was at a 7-Eleven today that was blaring classical music outside the store to deter people from loitering, and it was not even good classical music, and I saw their "say "NO" to pandhandlers" sign and I thought, how nice the store would be if I smashed the windows with that sturdy sign. And just now... I saw an incompetent driver let their dog hang halfway out of their car window while driving, and I thought, "how nice would it be if I got them while they were stopped and punched the fucking hell out of their face", and you know... These are thoughts that do not disturb me. :blobcatknife:

california fires/power outage 



uspol/supreme court 

Okay, I got everything I needed in case of a power outage! California's shit history with electricity companies won't stop me from surviving! :blobcatgoogly:

Should I carve my face up and become a bloodthirsty cannibal raider for the duration of the incoming power outage? Should I wrap my mutilated face in barbwire to show how extreme and mean I am?

Hm, it appears the power outage madness has not yet gripped my area! Time to stock up on essential goods.

So, the reason why I don't post too many pics of my cats is because I'm never fast enough with my camera/phone to snap a pic or two of them being adorable.

I apologize for this inconvenience.

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