Queen of Hell channeled

oh shit ive been too busy to participate in the most holy of holies, but I JUST MADE IT! !!!!

Peter Coffin talked shit about me as if I was some force beyond humankind, some esoteric great old one with machinations beyond the understanding of humanity. But no.. I just hate rapists with a fucking passion.

Queen of Hell channeled

yo im gonna all the cool new witches i see on the local tl in the next couple of minutes, we got some cool newer peeps or ppl who are underappreciated follow 'em all! :witchywink2:

@spookyfanny (ok not SUPER new but they still rule)
@Red , powerful shitposter
ok @afroSwampMonster isnt new but shes eternal

bless ur tl with powerful magicks and follow all these ppl tia

Queen of Hell channeled

leftists love to pay lip service to disability rights in their activism by mentioning ableism once in a blue moon, but never talking about real world issues we face, let alone amplifying disabled voices, and then ever so often you find them casually endorsing eugenics, it's really funny

I love visiting Bakersfield, CA because it's such a wreck of a city. So many decrepit buildings. So much weirdness to be had in it. I'm glad I don't live there though.

I forgot to take my anti-psychotic last night, so I'm enjoying the physical effects of waking up from a sleepy time flashback. This is pure Hell, and I should have known better.

Can anyone PLEASE help me out. I need $150 for a doctor's co-pays to get my meds adjusted by my psychiatrist. I forgot about the appointment and it's tomorrow. Every lil bit would greatly help me out. My PayPal is mousse412@hotmail.com or I have Square/Venmo, ask if you prefer those two!

Queen of Hell channeled

gargron told me if this post gets ten thousand boosts he'll give me the website and i will become the new gargron

Queen of Hell channeled
Queen of Hell channeled
Queen of Hell channeled

I calmed down after I took a Valium and my girlfriend said nice things about myself to reassert reality for me. I am very vulnerable to gaslighting and reading all the lies said about me makes me doubt reality if I focus on it too much.

jesus 141 episodes of night vale? i have 91 more to listen to..

I adopted my black kitties because they don't get much love at shelters or much of anywhere. That constant stigma of being considered unlucky, and overall regarded as undesirable really resonates with me because I am an outcast too.

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