mastodon taught me that apparently all queer ppl love trash animals and i think that is beautiful

what kind of trash animal queer r u (if other, please comment!)

pls note that this is different than being a furry imo however there may be overlap :blobcatblep:

@spookyfanny I'm a polysona-ed furry meself and I love all of these but tbh? ... skunksonas are underrated

@spookyfanny This silly quiz told me I’m a raccoon 😅

Also here is an amazing-looking academic book:

Honestly tho I’m probably a skunk, like, a lovely pet or friend if, uh, you can get past my less pleasant qualities 😂

@ElectricAsherah omg incredible. that quiz told me skunk which i knew and am validated lmao. skunks unite !!!

@byttyrs omg i KNOW!!! i realized this late last night when i saw a very good picture of a pigeon lol

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