i've dropped the price of my pins on etsy to $9 to try to sell the rest of my stock there so the listing fees i had to pay don't go to waste when i move my shop to bigcartel!

please boost! :blobcatmeltlove:


@canary the big one is that there are no listing fees imo. you also have your own website for sales. the free account you can only list five items but that’s fine for a small shop like me that’s not gonna have many listings at once. i’m also just not a fan of etsy in general aside from the marketplace setup which bigcartel doesn’t have but i wanna be done with them

@spookyfanny this is valid, i'll check them out. i'm hesitant to get on etsy too, because of all that, but they've got that facebook power ya know they're a household name now.

@canary yea that’s why i was hesitant to leave them. i did preorders there bc i ran a poll and most were comfortable but i’m starting to regret not just making the switch then lol. they just take so much money from sales it’s wild

@canary * not to mention all of the art theft over there that they do very little about bc it loses them money lol

@spookyfanny oh my god bigcartel is tumblr you can sell things on innit. that page set up looks SO familiar.

@canary haha i thought the same thing when i was picking my theme!

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