Enter discipleship

here is what i have been working on the past couple days! it started as some vent art but i really liked the design :blobcatknife:

i went with softer color schemes from both the non-binary flag and the agender flag :heart_nb: :heart_agender:

pin design....???? hmmmmmm!!!!

i forgot to turn up my stabilizer when i did the lines so i will have to clean it up more but i was too excited to care right now :witch_shrug:

@spookyfanny oh my gosh! this is so lovely! i'm falling apart over the agender I am not a boy one. i could easily see myself wanting to (pay to!) consult you to talk about your thoughts on tattoo design too, if that's a thing you do or would consider!

@mythismathic thank you!! i'm glad you like it, i was thinking of you when i made the agender variant 🖤 i actually want to do something with your "neither/nor/both" phrase as well :3c

i have done a few tattoo designs before actually and it's something i'm interested in doing more of so just lmk!!

@red_priest thank you!! i really want to make pins but i've never done that before :x

@spookyfanny It's a pretty good design, IMO. Besides pins, it could work for T-shirts.

A T-shirt design could also integrate _both_ statements, perhaps?

@rafu thank you for your comment! a shirt design is also a great idea. i may dump all these onto my society6 in the meantime, including shirts, but i’m not sure 🤔

@juicebat :blobblush: i will be posting all of the designs on my society6 once i clean them up but i wanna make nice pins too!

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