When your old white thesis advisor says you need to remove a fundamental argument from your thesis the night before it's due BECAUSE HE DOESNT FUNDAMENTALLY UNDERSTAND DIVERSITY

Playing my first DnD session tonight and I'm excited af

I've taught myself both python and C++ lately, purely to build tools I don't really need

I've been starting to draw and I'm awful but getting better at it. Should I post my stuff here?

Do you ever just see somebody crash and burn and kind of want to help, but also don't want to touch that with a 12 foot pole?

Today I asked:

What is nose-blind, but for eyes?

In other news I had to talk to somebody who would only say LGBTQ+ as
With very obvious spaces between the letters, like they were trying to emphasize them. Fucking weird

You gotta love casual nonbinary representation in your workplace, especially when you know only other enbys or people in the LGBTQ+ community caught it

I am guilty of having named something 'final final final final version' today.

To be fair, when I named the first one 'final version' I honestly thought it would be the last version

Can we acknowledge that in Les Miserables, Jean Valjean says he will be "father and mother" to Cosette

Cause I'm here for a genderfluid Jean Valjean reading

Anybody have herbs/stones/rituals they use for focus?

I've been using inscribed sigils on my hands to help me channel my focus, but I'd love to hear how others tackle it!

Okay I stan Pacifica Northwest and she deserved better than she got

Hi all! Joining Mastodon to get a safe social space where I can be myself and not worry about my hirability!

I'm a married queer enby focused on creativity magic and the creation of my own rituals, sigils and practices. Also a game developer that does both indie and professional work, always happy to talk about games or development!

So yeah, hi!


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