Rune-enchanted cant

the ice storm had all the trees illuminated like crystals under the moon.

Rune-enchanted cant

*does an evil witch laugh when something bad happens to a rich person*

For those who can still see my posts, I will be switching instances soon. The drama that occurred during my inactivity appears to have us disconnected from many instances. I really loved and will miss this place. Currently, I am waiting to get an invite to and will be moving there. Once I have an account I will be posting it here and re-follow everybody etc. RIP πŸ˜”

wow it seems like all my friends are waiting for me on the other side

just found out one of my dear favorite tooters only blocked this instance which is why i couldn't see any of their posts, that's a relief (because i thought they were just inactive and disappeared and i was sad)

GreenFediverse is a directory of Fediverse instances with information on how environmentally friendly they are. You can follow the project here:


You can see the directory at

The project uses data from the Green Web Foundation, and is mainly based on whether the instance's hosting provider uses renewable energy.

#Fediverse #Environment #Green #Renewable #RenewableEnergy #Friendica #FunkWhale #Mastodon #PeerTube #PixelFed #Pleroma #WriteFreely

plato: the world we sense is an inferior reflection of a superior world graspable by reason

gnostics: the world is a prison built by a malevolent god to contain our souls

vedanta: we are all already god; it is our lack of realisation of our ignorance that prevents us from realising this

zhuāngzǐ: how do you know you're not a butterfly having a very vivid dream, if you haven't waken up?

some techbro after drinking one ayahuasca: what if world big computer. i am the smartest person in history

a lot of people on this instance/people i follow are inactive now, where did they go :(

i definitely think that sin is a bad moral framework for understanding how the world or people work but i do want to paint "slavery and genocide are the original sin of the united states" onto main street in every city in the country.

You ever think about clapping?

Like... What the hell is going on there? Who invented this?

This is about twitter, but the same dynamics about messing up and failing to apologize seem to be common on fedi too.

i NEVER wanna work at a nursing home EVER again 😩

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