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I have to implement a hash table for my class, and the scenario I have to work with is so bad. We're storing a person object with two member variables, one is the someone's ID and the other is someone's favorite programming language. The person's ID is always unique. In any normal situation, we would be using the ID as the key. But since this is a computer science class, we have to use the person's favorite programming language as the key, which is BY DESIGN going to cause so many fucking hash collisions for no reason

  • I startup Dragon's Dogma
  • I go "I do not want to redo the tutorial, I will just pick up where I was last"
  • I am confused

The eternal cycle of me playing dragon's dogma

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ugh i would love to get a good #captcha going so i dont have to manually approve signups anymore but all of these things are either ineffective, make money for some evil dogshit tech corpo, or some fiddly experimental thing relying on software stacks exotic to w.l's setup

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i'm going to the .DS_STORE, anyone need anything?

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When I teach seniors how to avoid scams I take all of the Tech out of the conversation. ALL of it. Any mention of tech and the entire session is wasted as the fear of tech is stronger than the fear os being scammed.

However, what I do is show them how to spot when the scam is working on them. strong emotions are key to a phone scam

"If you feel angry"
"If you feel excited"
"If you feel afraid"
"If you feel pressured"
"If you feel rushed"


#scams #conartist #phonescams

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Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

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I am here in the garlean empire's praetorium together with the scions of the seventh dawn.

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I think it's time we came clean.

The CIA invented #Bitcoin.

It was created by our Office of Financial Market Manipulation devision as an elaborate #shitpost entry for the CIA competition for finding new ways to launder the profits from the drugs we sold in the 80's. (Yes, we sold that much we're still trying to launder it all)

We didn't think it would end up like this. :blobcatcry:
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Wow, is it intro time?


Hello all! I'm Skye and my pronouns are nya/nyan. I'm the main front in a plural system of 3. While I'm not a practicing witch, one of my alters is. I'm a huge Linux nerd and currently work as a system administrator while I finish my computer science degree. I also really love anime and video games. Feel free to reach out and say hi!

Did I really have to spend 6 hours of the night hyperfocusing on nerd crap that doesn't matter instead of the nerd crap that's due tomorrow

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Hate online/offline indicators. When I happen to check my phone for one thing on discord that doesn't mean I have time for a full convo ;;;

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I should be kissing girls, but instead I'm doing work. Absolute tragedy

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I solved this issue by simply embracing "minimalism"

Me: Oh yes time to make my website better
Me, an hour later: fuck, why did I want to do this. I hate web design. Shit.

Math was a mistake
or at least college was

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