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I have this problem where i have many concepts for things I want to make in my brain and then I just try to cram them all together which jut leads to ideas like "anti-capitalist story-driven mech strategy game dating sim using a terminal interface featuring ES dolls as part of the lore"

@skyenet i don't know that it's possible to write any kind of story or do any work of art that doesn't critique capitalism at this point lol

@anna yeah this is true I'm just thinking an explicit "corporations are evil and we need to the defeat them with class consciousness" kinda thing lol. but yeah that'd be the easiest part to combine with any of these things.

@skyenet my dream project would basically be a persona 3/4/5 style rpg with similar plot structure but about mostly middle aged usamericans who work at or otherwise inhabit one of those suburban strip mall/office complexes, which also happens to be where the proverbial portal to hell opened up

@skyenet also there's gay and trans characters and they're not done dirty glares at persona 4

@skyenet a lot of it would be about how these people end up working together to fight an awfully landlord-shaped great evil and get to know each other and shocked that due to atomization they had never really encountered each other before

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