Enter discipleship
  • I startup Dragon's Dogma
  • I go "I do not want to redo the tutorial, I will just pick up where I was last"
  • I am confused

The eternal cycle of me playing dragon's dogma

@skyenet I've done this at least 10 times on different platforms

@efrencecht I think one of my favorite fun facts about me when it comes to this stuff is since I was like 10 I've owned Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic only like 5 different systems started a new game easily over a dozen times, but I only ever completed it a year ago, lmao.

@skyenet I have the same problem with Mass Effect, started it on many different systems and finally near the end playing it on my steamdeck. It's never because the game is bad usually its due to a new Shiney game pulling me away.

@efrencecht Yeah, absolutely! T_T My brain goes ah yes this game is good but have you considered the funny new one

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