"Punk is an outward projection of resistance, the idea of resisting with the body, with the aesthetic, with the music, a culture of resisting that has become commercialised and co-opted in a lot of ways, but is still linked to an ideology such as anarchism that carries with it a great deal of depth and resilience. Through our creative acts, through this tension of creation and destruction we can actually sustain and nourish ourselves, but it’s through accepting the dark side, the trash and the despair as well as the utopian ideal of what it can be."

-- George F.

All these moments will be lost, like USB thumb drives down the back of a sofa.

Nobody really needs "incentives to work". Everyone wants to live a meaningful life of one kind or another. It's just that capitalism only understands coercive social relations and considers anything outside of that frame as idleness.

Has anyone written a book on ActivityPub yet?

In general any security advisory telling you to uninstall some common utility software is bogus.

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