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I *DO* tend to think of the thumb drives
I fill with mp3s for listening in the car,
as magical objects of a sort...

w/ the specific albums on each
as ingredients in a spell?

(& I actually need to re-organize them all w/ that in mind,
it's been a while & they're chaos rn)


also something purporting to be the spirit of
still-living Anthony Braxton
(& it may well have been! idk idk idk)
chortled at me joyfully
while marveling
that HE is a spirit
I am a spirit
the record is a spirit
its component MOLECULES may be spirits


the "hello spirits/peace between us" thing
got wild w/ a few albums in particular.

won't go into detail except to say

at least some Led Zeppelin records
were very specifically designed
to be
Magical Objects

this has got me thinking about physical media—

records, cassettes, wax cylinders, whatever—

as talisman.

many people's energy went into the music—

then it's distilled down into a Thing.

(MANY COPIES even... does that dilute or amplify?)

does a digital file lack in this way?


my booking-agent partner—

a queer Asian-American woman, thus a few added levels of difficulty in most negotiations—

tries like hell to get merch cuts removed from the contract ANY time she sets up a show.

(people who won't remove it, she says, are "assholes")

she doesn't always succeed, but she always tries—

& she sure as hell REMEMBERS who was chill & who wasn't!

found a box of records under some junk on the porch.

artists we worked w/ 10 yrs ago

& some classic rock & jazz & etc.

most in good shape, some a little warped.

currently wiping the bugs & leaves & cobwebs off em

while intoning—

"may there be peace between us in all our days."

I ate a LOT of weed yesterday
prior to a face electrolysis appt
(2hrs holy fuck)
1) I think I'm still high
(which is cool)
2) I did a LOT of magic during the appt
using the pain as a launch point

totally recommended
& gives the brain something to do 🤷‍♀️

if you CAN,
avoid venues that INSIST on a merch-cut.

& tell yer fans in that city
to MAKE NOISE about which venues are artist-unkind.

if you don't want to deprive a city of your presence,
MAKE NOISE about the unkindness of venues—
then sell merch out of your car.


musician solidarity is being willing to fight w/ the venues,
to understand that they haven't given us a raise in 50 years,
to understand that they need us,
to call out bullshit practices & build COMMUNITY SPACES
(granted cities make this harder & harder)

I love the built-in feature w/ cats where you set them down facing a wall just a few inches away & it brings them so fully into the present that they need a minute or so to examine the situation before they regain their equilibrium? (thus getting them temporarily out of the way)

spent today in La Conner, WA

wasn't sure what the turnout would be
as several baristas we met there a few months back
had um never heard of him?

(he's lived there since the 70s)

anyway it was awesome.
91yo Tom was KING FOR A DAY
& led the parade flashing peace signs.


being as we are an improvising trio
which includes at least two recording geeks

BCO! has managed to record
of our live shows
(except one brief impromptu jam)

the above, therefore,
is our 37th album
in 6 years

meanwhile this pair of backwoods lesbian witch raccoons

(umm that's me & z)

is still working on our 2nd album

but on the other hand,
the first one still rocks!

at some point my article on 'setlist magic'
will be coming out on Tarpaulin Sky
(barring unforeseen editorial decisions I suppose)

& I just wanna say,
it's totally applicable to


as well

not sure why I slept on OM after their first 2 (excellent!) records but

apparently today is the day I'm ready for the rest of their catalog!

An earthquake happened last night by a stretch of road in Nevada known as "the loneliest highway in America." Let me tell you, if I was driving down a road with that nickname at 12:34 am and started to feel the world shake and rattle all around, even as a seismologist I would probably think that was the end of me.

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