so I gotta say,

even tho he's someone I've known for a long time

(& even tho we haven't spoken since I um cut him out of my life back in 2015)

having a city councilperson call my wife to ask her to tell me to stop talking about him on the internet

is a new experience for me!!!

k that was SUPER fun

magical shenanigans & oddball 'coincidences' & sweet dancing grooves & charisma & weirdness start to finish

geese, for some reason, were a theme

afterwards our usual late night burrito stop was closed (!?!?)
so we ventured into Seattle's U-District
(one of the few remaining Gibsonian/Cyberpunkian pockets of this existentially ailing city)

... & found a place called PIZZA TWIST.

they also sell tacos, noodles, rice.

all with toppings like chicken tikka, marsala, tandoori.

plant-based versions available so we got the medium spicy plant-based chicken tikka pizza.

(good cold too! for morning after)

... playing rock&roll in tonight at the Sunset Tavern with the groovetastic gothalicious Faunix & the fabulous Woods brothers' Map Of The Woulds... 8pm if y'all intrigued


being as we are an improvising trio
which includes at least two recording geeks

BCO! has managed to record
of our live shows
(except one brief impromptu jam)

the above, therefore,
is our 37th album
in 6 years

Sunset Tavern has one of the best green rooms in the city, I am fairly certainโ€”certainly among smaller venues.

but the coffee maker?

that hellish device produces only pure nightmare fuel.

opened for a band called RAT PAWS last night.

they rock.

(not to mention so many others)
I've heard/met more genuinely awesome local bands this year than in maybe any other that I can recall.


300th episode of Local With Louise โ€”ย amazing regional music from Seattle & environs โ€” playing rn on kbfg

ZOOKRAUGHT played also & did rock most severely

recording doesn't do the raw energy justice

(tracked by Uncle Jack tho, for bonus oomph!)

opened up the bill at a 4-band rock&roll party yesterday.

this group played 4th of 4 โ€”

whole crowd (100 or so?) sang along w/ the chorus:

I don't owe you anything at all!"

perhaps it is correct to add that the band is called PEG,

our fearless leader is Sheridan Riley (aka "the drummer for Alvvays")

& we will be playing a FREE SHOW in Fremont, Seattle, at the place called Add-A-Ball on Sunday night at 7pm !!! ๐Ÿ’•

can't remember if I posted this when it came out...

so here's an amazing newest release from my improv-psych trio BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA! augmented by guest Matto on electric mandalorian โ€”

Jack Endino - lead guitar
5 - lead bass
Patrick Lenon - lead drums

gonna live stream Trash Panda Go Kart rehearsal in a few minutes... run through for tomorrow night's show at Tim's Tavern of White Center (Seattle?)

oooh just rec'd the 1st mix of BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA's most recent show (at Tim's Tavern w/ Matto sitting in on electric mandalorian!)

wake & bake w/ the BCO!


(guess I better get started on the cover art lol)


on Thursday June 8th
I will be playing two sets in one night for the first time in 2 or 3 years.

โ€ข guitar/sing w/ (r&r)

โ€ข bass w/ (improv-rock)

kinda stoked!!!

Echo Ravine in between shd be awesome as well!

I have just received last-minutely word

that my band with @CuratorOfCosmicDust โ€” TRASH PANDA GO KART โ€”ย will be playing in tomorrow night at the Substation,

opening for the great GREEN MILK FROM THE PLANET ORANGE, here all the way from Japan!

they're always fun & it's an honor to share a stage

pretty sure we start at 9pm
(haven't personally seen the deets yet it's chaos over here!)
๐Ÿค˜ ๐Ÿ˜‚ ๐Ÿ’•

for those keeping track at home...

my partner @CuratorOfCosmicDust (Zinnia Su) is quoted in this article expressing her lack of confidence in Fran Drescher as head SAG-AFTRA.

Drescher was put in her leadership position by a faction of highly-paid lawyers which spends its timeโ€”in its role as union staffโ€”taking power away from the members of this member-run union.

So Drescher's poor response to the should come as no surprise! (alas!)

(Z was on the Seattle SAG board for a couple years & ohhhh what a shitshow)

Anyone in the greater Seattle area who likes spaced-out rock music,

I'll be playing at the new TIM'S TAVERN in White Center tonight, on bass with Jack Endino's epic improv trio BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA!

Check us out here if you need a preview & maybe we'll see you ๐Ÿ’•

acknowledging the birthday of the great Link Wray with our tribute, WRAY OF SUNSHINE

recorded by Jack Endino (who himself once performed & recorded Link Wray's "Rumble" with Wray's then-current touring band)

rock on Link ๐Ÿค˜ ๐Ÿ•ถ๏ธ ๐ŸŽธ

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