... playing rock&roll in tonight at the Sunset Tavern with the groovetastic gothalicious Faunix & the fabulous Woods brothers' Map Of The Woulds... 8pm if y'all intrigued

spent today in La Conner, WA

wasn't sure what the turnout would be
as several baristas we met there a few months back
had um never heard of him?

(he's lived there since the 70s)

anyway it was awesome.
91yo Tom was KING FOR A DAY
& led the parade flashing peace signs.


being as we are an improvising trio
which includes at least two recording geeks

BCO! has managed to record
of our live shows
(except one brief impromptu jam)

the above, therefore,
is our 37th album
in 6 years

Turns out in Washington state, a 'radius clause' cannot exceed 3 calendar days, so y'all bands keep this in mind as you negotiate yr contracts with Bumberfuck festival etc

for those keeping track at home...

my partner @CuratorOfCosmicDust (Zinnia Su) is quoted in this article expressing her lack of confidence in Fran Drescher as head SAG-AFTRA.


Drescher was put in her leadership position by a faction of highly-paid lawyers which spends its time—in its role as union staff—taking power away from the members of this member-run union.

So Drescher's poor response to the should come as no surprise! (alas!)

(Z was on the Seattle SAG board for a couple years & ohhhh what a shitshow)

Anyone in the greater Seattle area who likes spaced-out rock music,

I'll be playing at the new TIM'S TAVERN in White Center tonight, on bass with Jack Endino's epic improv trio BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA!

Check us out here if you need a preview & maybe we'll see you 💕


I will be playing bass with BEYOND CAPTAIN ORCA! for the first time in an underwater age!

I really love playing music with these two guys & am very much looking forward to the next few months of first Thursdays at Tim's Tavern 🤘🐋💕

Jack Endino - lead guitar
James Patrick Lenon - lead drums
5 - lead bass

w/ Luna Moss & Del Vox — come chill with us at the new Tim's Tavern !! 🥰

... was expecting snow around midnight but got high winds instead.

today was clear & sunny, then abruptly around 1:30 we got (in quick succession) hail, sleet, rain, snow, hail;—more clear & sunny;—more hail, snow, hail again;—a few blasts of THUNDER;—and now more nothing.


rain no cats & dogs
on you, to the contrary—
here we drizzle & sigh

- sigh

just realized the Triple Door's bio says "a 3-minute walk from the Gumwall" hahahahahaha I love Seattle 😭

The to Clyde Petersen's years-in-the-making epic documentary of the band called — "Even Hell has Its Heroes" — is officially out today! I just purchased & downloaded via & can't wait to listen (let alone to eventually finally see the film!)


Happy for the end of 2022! Here's Pearl Surprise on the rainbow chair & Lucas Tiramisu impersonating P-22 on the bathroom rampart.

Redwing blackbirds at the beach this week & I can't decide if they're back super early or haven't left yet.

so far only quibble with the I'm reading: McNeil Island Prison is in WA, not CA. Shutter Island represent!

We were listening to ourselves in the car tonight & remembering how much fun we had writing, rehearsing, recording our music. This one (as with most of our music) is an effort to recall rock&roll as fun, energetic, ecstatic, silly—ala Link Wray in his henhouse, or Huey Smith & The Clowns.


King tide yesterday. Local beach was underwater this afternoon. Gorgeous though!

apropos of not much, this is probably the best demo to come out of our home studio so far—also one of the catchiest songs I've written in a while. "Squash" might be catchier but Z wrote that one in her sleep, I just transcribed...

Unclear if this will be a Trash Panda Go Kart song or a solo 5 track—the difference is subtle anyway since it's us playing & singing regardless! 😂


(I use as a scrapbook/bootleg-series: jams, ideas, songs in progress, almost always rough mixes & edits & this is no exception)

I just walked out in the dark to check the mail, an eighth of a mile down the lane, and the big maple leaves are frozen all over the lawn. Z came out for a minute and we stomped and crunched and giggled.

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