I love the built-in feature w/ cats where you set them down facing a wall just a few inches away & it brings them so fully into the present that they need a minute or so to examine the situation before they regain their equilibrium? (thus getting them temporarily out of the way)

thought we had some jingle bells in the house somewhere

but apparently no.

Z remembered we have cat toys w/ bells in them

which we hid because we got tired of the cats going


so I can't find those either... πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈa😹

omg the way Pearl Cat is coming for the snacks today I'm worried she's growing again... she turned 3 this year but she seems to be part rag doll & I've read they can grow til age 4?!? she was settled in at a reasonable size but idk idk idk

I brought Lucas Cat in to sit on Z's lap while she's working

but now realize this means I cannot have breakfast

because if I open a cabinet

Lucas Cat will tear holes in Z's lap in his efforts to get to the kitchen πŸ€¦β€β™€οΈ

furry black cat sleeping on the dark threshold between two dark rooms




Lucas Cat caught a mouse at 4:30 this morning.

we got home at 1am from playing a show 90 minutes away. loaded in, chilled for a bit, finally went to bed with alarm set for 8am.

I was lying semi-awake while my brain conjured up a version of NEBRASKA sung gently by Bruce & accompanied by enter-sandman-era Metallica when I heard the sound of a glass falling over.


it didn't break so I figured I could ignore it & not get up to check it out, but thenβ€”

the unearthly growling began.

& then Lukey dashed past, a shadow in the dark, on his way to the shower, where he brings the mice.

& all sleep had reached an end.

a song we co-wrote w/ our Best Cat Ever (who has been gone for 3 years but who we still think about & miss every day) just got played on the radio & my heart is going to burst

... maybe this is unusual, but we wrote a lot of songs with her.

current cats seem less interested. one only likes singing if she's the one doing it.

Changing guitar strings today, had a candle lit for the Friendly & Helpful Spirits Of Guitar Maintenance (long may they wave).

Cats helping of course.

& also was making a stop-motion video of the proceedings.

at a certain point as I was taking pics of Pearl Cat chewing on the new strings, she looked up & sniffed the airβ€”what's that odd smell??

At the same time I began to wonder where that thick smoke was coming fromβ€”


Happily no injury just some singing & mess but we were both a little freaked out by the experience.

I started making a cup of green tea before I was fully awake, then remembered I need warm ginger/cayenne/honey/cider-vinegar first (it helps my apnea) so I did that

Z found the green tea bag next to the dish drying rack four hours later, by which time it had inexplicably become moist

whether this is connected to one of the cats' indigestion remains unknown

just heard some rustling & looked up & Lucas Cat was on the table behind Z's laptop with his entire head in a tiny paper bag, waving it around in the air

Placement of one of Pearl Cat's toys this morning is strongly suggestive that she understands that her toy's head is... well... its head.

tryin to have acoustic band practice in the 'sun room' & Lucas Cat is making the most appalling faces 😹

one particular rhythm hit made his ears shoot back & we laughed so hard we almost had to stop playing

Pearl Cat was all up in my hair, claws & all, tying knots & doing I know not what, while I tried to stretch on the floor this morning 😹

looks like the cats were trying to edit a wikipedia page, good thing I came in when I did...

"Moonstruck" (track 5) seems to be Pearl Cat's favorite so far, she stepped on the keyboard & started it over.

We're watching Song Kang-ho right now in "The Good, The Bad, The Weird," about halfway through & took a break to feed the

I could watch that dude in anything, & this one's a ride.

He's best known in the US (maybe elsewhere I wouldn't know) for being in most of Bong Joon-ho's moviesβ€”I saw him in "The Host" first & most recently he was in "Parasite" but there's many others.

Something in how his mind works makes him interesting to look at, I suspect, in addition to his talent & versatility.

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