found a box of records under some junk on the porch.

artists we worked w/ 10 yrs ago

& some classic rock & jazz & etc.

most in good shape, some a little warped.

currently wiping the bugs & leaves & cobwebs off em

while intoning—

"may there be peace between us in all our days."

this has got me thinking about physical media—

records, cassettes, wax cylinders, whatever—

as talisman.

many people's energy went into the music—

then it's distilled down into a Thing.

(MANY COPIES even... does that dilute or amplify?)

does a digital file lack in this way?

I *DO* tend to think of the thumb drives
I fill with mp3s for listening in the car,
as magical objects of a sort...

w/ the specific albums on each
as ingredients in a spell?

(& I actually need to re-organize them all w/ that in mind,
it's been a while & they're chaos rn)

maybe shd add,

I *definitely* think music,
live or recorded,
is powerful magic no matter what format brings it to you?

thinking about
'distilling into physicality'
as an extra step tho.

espesh vinyl mastering.

like Owsley focusing on good vibes during acid manufacture.

Enter discipleship


each stage of recording/production affords various opportunities for magic—

for the infusing of Intent into recorded sound & later perhaps into physical media.

in digital mastering,

one could call energy into the bounce.

idk tho—

vinyl cutting, magnetic tape—

they're wild physical processes!

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