Enter discipleship

hi hi 🙋‍♀️

who am I?

, / , , geek.

Country girl with city time logged.

mom, lover, partner to the amazing @CuratorOfCosmicDust, an , , , & more.
Together we're a band called
Trash Panda Go Kart 🤘 🦝

I play w/ trio Beyond Captain Orca!
w/ legend Jack Endino on .
Orca's stated goal is to 'cast a spell'.
The varies but our "songs" run long—lots of time to trance out!

If you need any of the above I'll be in the corner playing guitar by myself.
Hang out & if you like! 💕

my friends call me 5

@sj5 @CuratorOfCosmicDust
Loved "Diamonds!" Trying to add you to my #bndcmpr playlist, but the site appears to be down.

@jasondidner @CuratorOfCosmicDust

Oh yay thanks! If we released "singles" that would be one of them for sure... ⏺️

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