taking off my glasses so i signal to every person in this household "please don't talk to me i can't see you anyways"

sissi channeled

oh I've been trying to find some 80s rock themed instances/accounts to follow. if anyone of you have recommendations please send them my way :)

good morning, the weather is really way too nice for me to be stuck behind my pc

says she. with 150 thousand public tweets

sissi channeled

Mmm... you'd better believe that today I was spiritually bisexual.

takes me an incredibly long time to get used to new spaces, including online... social interactions *hits head on glass door *

Everytime twitter announces it wants to become an even worse app, i find myself here

sissi channeled

*casts a your valid spell*

hey why is nothing happening

*casts your valid spell again*

its still not

*tries a third time*

oh i get it nothing's happening because you were already valid! :witchywink:

sissi channeled

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