hmm. thought about making a post about how magic was fuckin fake then i remembered that time criss angel walked on water.

@realtoddhoward @picklemaddierix yeah i don't really wanna gossip about anyone, sorry. nice to meet you though!

not todd channeled

Mommy lurks in the dark corners of every cabin room; Mommy knows the name of all your secret fear. Mommy waits till you walk alone in the wood;
Mommy is always near


not todd channeled

Mommy is the oldest magic that waits in the darkest parts of every forest. Mommy consumes life and leaves dried husks and organs hung on trees like ornaments during the saturnalia. Mommy is the consumation of all fears and those who ask for in any lewd fashion will hear nothing but the echoes of their own screams in the woods as a soundtrack for their assuredly grim fate

foolproof method to get over 1k followers when applied correctly 

not todd channeled

@seriouslynottodd @spookcentral wait, this explains everything! We're QPU misaligned, someone get that shit aligned again because this is the wrong freaking parallel universe

@BestGirlGrace that's pretty fuckin good. i guess you just had to take the loss at that point though

not todd channeled

@seriouslynottodd one time in second grade, a kid in the bathroom told me my epidermis was showing and i left in shame

just found out how to get 1,000 followers easily!!!! do you wanna hear my foolproof method? when you think about it, a presidential election is a lot like skipping across QPUs

@frinkeldoodle they can divine a greater meaning from what i said if they wanna. or not. magic ain't fuckin real anyway

anyone else remember when kids thought it was really clever to touch your "wenis" or whatever the fuck.

not todd channeled

every matt and kim song might as well be the same god damn thing. how do people listen to this gap commercial bullshit

who the fuck is todd and why is he a noob? i don't get it

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