Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant
them: do you have anything to say for yourself?
me: I love my cat very much

Watching The Hunt on VOD and it's way better than I thought it was going to be

I'm back on my meds after a week without, due to some insurance bullshit. I can honestly say it was the worst week in a decade.

elizabeth warren was an anti-lgbt republican until 1996. joe biden was an anti-lgbt conservative until 2012.

anyways, here's our boy bernard

That scene in Female Trouble where Divine, playing male, fucks Divine, playing female, has never been topped in all of Cinema. All Oscars from now on go to Divine

The Venga hearse is coming
And everybody's mourning

hard: making friends

easy: doing a revolution and abolishing the concept of industrial work weeks so that all days are equally accepted as appropriate for social activity and therefore society becomes more accommodating of different types of life structure

RIP Larry Tessler, UI designer who created cut, copy, and paste. He was 74 and responsible for more production code than any other living human.

Pro-tip: people who cosplay historical figures in their twitter account are 100% of the time, complete asshats.

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