my taste in men is so fucking awful

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some medicine out there is really like "will prevent you from dying, but will also give you heart failure"

constantly saying "bitch i dont care lmfao" but inside im like

cycling between "caring an unhealthy amount" and "not giving a fuck"

dont want to sleep because i dont want dreams

u know. i wanna rewatch the devils advocate

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bro you wanna play some b-ball? some b-ball? some b-ball? some b-ball?

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[very red-faced and trying my best to holdb ack tears] i love being an asshole. im really enjoying this. lol. lmfao

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the tormentor in dead space repurposed human vocal chords for no advantage other than to SCREAM

*infects you with toxoplasma gondii, giving you toxoplasmosis and causing you to be fond of predators*

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Magic has a very specific definition and I'm tired of seeing people fail to understand. It's simple! Magic is what happens when you rub on your closed eyes and look at the weird patterns. Anything else is NOT magic!

retracting from politics because i kind of just want to enjoy myself online

wx-78 uses they/them and i really love that

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