we were all thanos snapped into existence

:so_gay: channeled
:so_gay: channeled

mebel gar slig 4: grums of the parbnuts

tfw i black out and its a week l8r

omg this place is purple now? thats poppin

i changed my mind ill do it in a couple hours

hello thots im going to stream a movie

wine tastes disgusting but i look sexy drinking it, so,

the recent rise of the term tr*p really makes me want to just kill someone . "tiktok tr*p challenge" huh? thats what it is huh? yeah maybe ill stand outside your front door with a baseball bat

:so_gay: channeled

Unhinging my jaw and spewing forth a swarm of bees at the local Arby's to establish dominance

last night i met a goddess, and she taught me how to pray to her

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