also I need a robotic arm that holds cat toys for him while I do homework

I almost bought a big Yoshi egg plush but it was 30 dollars which is.... a lot..... for a plushie egg

came home yesterday to a check in the mail from my dad so that was exciting. I used it to buy a vegetable chopper and some art prints from society6 🧅🌆

unexpectedly excited to be an aunt (in 3 months!!) not sure how to feel abt having feelings

what the FUCK do you buy boys for Valentine's day 😩😩😩


so I came out to my manager and a coworker on accident like....idk a week ago? it was awkward and I'm surprised the entire facility doesn't know by now

idk if there's any pocket camp players around but add me on if you want (especially if u have lemons pls I need some lemons)

in related news, I have to discuss gender norms and add that break them. I was salty abt having to take this class at first but I'm glad it's at least interesting/relevant topics

an update: I am doing homework. I forgot I had an assignment due tonight so woops glad I didn't procrastinate the ENTIRE night.

I need to do homework but instead I'm probs just gonna let it hang over my head until the last possible minute because that's just who I am

so I guess I can introduce myself. I'm new here 👋 I used to be on but I took a long break and when I came back it was gone so here I am 🤷

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