any plant ppl out there wanna give me gardening advice? I bought flower pots but now I need to figure out what I should plant 😳 I have a South facing window so my options are kind of limited and I live in zone 5b 🤷

so a question for people in places actually quarantined who might know, if u work in healthcare, specifically nursing homes, n get quarantined do u have to stay at work? or do you get to go to/from work/home still?

Robert Sheehan narrating Oscar Wilde fairy tales is an absolute gift :')

dm me for my dodo code if u wanna visit my island in animal crossing 🙂

oh and follow up, what did y'all name your islands? I took 10 years to finally decide on Sunsnest, which I took from one of my favorite books

me, yelling to my husband and his friends on discord on a stormy Thursday night that the B in LGBTQ stands for Bohemian Rhapsody

ya girl got animal crossing 3 hours ago thanks coronavirus

on the bright side I've been wearing crystals to work which is actually helping with my other non-corona related feelings on working there.

and on top of all of that I gave my other grandma a call yesterday just to make sure she was staying in as much as possible and doing ok, and she started talking about how this is a sign of the end times and she wonders if this is the start of the end or if we're already in the middle of it because everything that's happened is "biblical" so that gave me even more anxiety because I don't even believe in hell anymore but like what if a bih was wrong???

the girl I work with tomorrow is slow af so I'm stressing about being stressed tomorrow🙄 plus my grandma is still going in to work even know literally the hospitals in her city are at capacity. I kno this because my FIL is having emergency surgery today and had to go to a hospital 2 hours West bc our surgeon is out sick and no hospital in my grandma's city would accept him.

I know we're all sick of hearing about corona but I am all kinds of strung out about it today. I picked up a shift at work because someone is out sick the rest of the week which means I'm working sat-thurs. thankfully someone picked up for Friday or I probably wouldve been wrangled into that too. work has just been insane. I tried to prep for tomorrow before I left today but there's only so much I can do.

so I asked what her symptoms were bc obv I want to know if she has the flu vs the fucking corona virus. she has a fever, coughing, sneezing, and her sinuses are burning. I told her to go to the doctor but idk if she will bc she's been out of a job and shits expensive

so my mom was supposed to volunteer with me tomorrow at the food bank and I just texted her to confirm she was still coming which she said no she's been sick in bed since Tuesday. I asked if she had the flu and she said she wasn't sure bc she's never had influenza before

tbh any game over $25 should have a demo available

trying 2 decide if it's worth it to buy Skyrim for the switch

I HAVE to have extracurriculars for my program so I can get accepted for an internship and I HAVE to have at least a 3.0gpa and I HAVE to have a job bc hello I have bills. thinking abt everything I have to do to impress whoever tf I need to impress to get my credentials just makes me want to sleep

I literally don't know how ppl have the energy to do a bunch of extracurriculars in addition to school and working and sleeping, let alone personal time and social time. like I can barely work 40 hrs/ week and get all my homework done

sitting on my patio and playing animal crossing while my cat stares longingly out the patio door behind me. I know it won't last long but for now I'm happy it's spring

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