Cw trauma ranting 

First day back to work in a month!! I'm real excited

I'm officially on the waitlist for a trauma program!

Abuse, suicide, self harm // (part 3) 

Abuse, suicide, self harm// (part 2) 

abuse, suicide, self harm /// (part 1) 

Cherrold 2.0 channeled
Cherrold 2.0 channeled

Hey!!! I'm working on organizing my room finally and I think it looks cute!!! 💞💞💞

Hi I updated my bio it now has my carrd in it with my blacklist so if we're mutuals I'd appreciate u takin a quick look!

Medication // 

Also day 3 of being exiled from twitter and I just found out I cant bookmark tweets like I've been trying to do this entire time which is stinky

I'm chillin outside a tim hortons waiting for my bf to finish an exam and I'm wonderin if my grandpa will come and maybe talk to me

HI I'm Char I'm nonbinary Twitter is mean to me you know the drill

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