trump gets covid on a full moon, next full moon is oct 31
ok, gods, i hear you, its time to start practicing regularly

cw drugs 

cw drugs 

stock market fandom is the worst fandom

i am going to cause happiness on purpose

someone tell me magic shit to try im inexperienced and wanna do things

also kinda weird that i got drawn back to fedi exactly two sabbats ago and here i am again

holy fuck twitter is literally engineered to be addictive im gonna *try* to move back to fedi

You can tell git was made by some male tech bro dipshit supreme because it assumes names and emails never ever change and bakes them into each commit

If he'd ever even heard of wives changing their last names this wouldn't be an issue but guess who can't spare a single thought to anyone other than white cis men

Linus Torvalds is garbage

blue checkmarks are counter-revolutionary

i have no idea how no one ever told me Boots Riley is also a rapper (and/or that i forgot after they did tell me this)

did a samhain festival/ritual for the first time
it was rly cool!

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