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Get shit done. This is good for work and career - banish the fuck out of what's not serving you anymore.

Trust the the Universe gotcha back.

Day 2: Write down in any form you wish what you love about your path.

I adore my spirit work - and being a spirit companion. I've met my platonic soul mate, and I'm so lucky to have him as a spirit companion.

Also, I'm 26 now, so I've been on this path for 10 years - it'll be 11 this coming summer solstice!

Day 1: Write a short post about how you got into witchcraft.

I left church when I was 14, went with no religion for a while and when I was 16 did some searching about Paganism out of curiosity.

Identified as Wiccan for a few years, and now am just an Irish pantheon worshiping lunar rose witch/spirit worker.


until December 24th (going from 91% to 97, to 99 and back down)

Don't beat yourself up if you miss a ritual or spellworking during "the" full moon - you have time!

Do some work on the 21st/22nd for , or work some magic on Christmas eve, which is the 24th.

by Rose

Shine Like the Sun ☉
a spell that uses the shine of sunlight to reveal inner and outer beauty

☉ gather: lemon juice, a comb, a mirror, a pink or yellow candle
☉ perform spell early in the morning, sit before the sun as it rises.
☉ light the candle before you, placed on top of the mirror
☉ brush your hair, and comb lemon juice through it.
☉ burn any strands that come out while brushing it in the candle.
☉ take care not to burn yourself, and chant
“Eyes bright as my laugh and hair to match
by the fierce sun, I keep the light i catch!”
☉ blow out the candle.

it's the tonight! Looks like it's around 17%.

Now is the time to start planning what we want to bring into fruition for the last of the year.

The moon is gaining energy and power which will culminate during the full moon, which lands on the 21st 22nd, and 23rd -YULE!!

What are you going to carry over into the new year?

Ristoria channeled

Figured I should participate in our first #fortunefriday !

My instagram has all my works that aren't yet updated to my shop, and all my new pieces will be added there once I've gone to my upcoming craft fair :_ecolove:


So, I don't have an Etsy shop for but I do readings.

3 cards - $10
5 cards - $15
10 cards - $20



"We hear her voice in the pounding of our own pulse, in the cry of the raven, and in the wild wind.

— Morgan Daimler, “The Morrigan, Meeting the Great Queens”

again, tonight and for the next few days (until Dec 9th) it'll be the New Moon.

This is in and is all about optimism. We're asked to look ahead, shining with the bright outlook of the Archer, and are asked to trust your instead of pure logic.

If you're like me and didn't plan a whole lot to do, then feel free to use this I created.

I trust in the Universe. Open your heart, open up to the possibilities of simply trying.

Copy & paste so we can help out one another.

What are three types of witchcraft you have the most knowledge in?
What are three types of witchcraft you are learning right now?
What are three types of witchcraft you would like to learn? This can totally include worship/deity work.

Knowledge -

Learning -

Curious - (more intense)

Anyone else having issues figuring out how to work Mastodon? XD I feel like I'm 90 right now and am struggling real hard.

So, as a more in depth introduction:

I'm 26 years old, married to the most amazing woman.
I currently use she/her pronouns.

I'm a Devotional Irish Polytheist. I worship the Irish pantheon, mainly Brighid and Badb (The Morrigan), but I am also diving into work with Manannan, Nuada and Lugh.

I am a spirit worker () and warding and shielding are my strong suits.

I currently have 2 spirit companions, am married to my astral husband and we just had a baby.

Hey all! It's ristoria, from Tumblr. Coming on over into , hoping that this place is a good little nook to rest in.


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