@wintgenstein comrade, the number of salsas that contain vinegar is appalling. This brand puts apple cider vinegar in every one of their salsas, but at least they warn you with the brand name.

PNW warning 

Pol Concentration Camp, Solidarity Strike 

I am at a water park
managed to sneak away from boss & family

will be lazing in the lazy river for the foreseeable future

the best way i know to explain nonbinary gender to cis people is the binary food comparison:

every food is either a sandwich or a dumpling

pizza? sandwich

steak? dumpling

salad? sandwich

potato? dumpling

just because something *can* be sorted into a binary, doesn't mean that's the best or most accurate way to describe it

theoretically I could take my own car out there and then leave early

pros: leave work early

cons: be a babysitter to a 3 year old at a water park for 4 hours

my boss invited my coworker and I out to a water park with his family but like... I strongly suspect he'll try to use us as free childcare

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