racism, uspol, concentration camps 

the same say the DNC posts that godawful tweet.. my mom gifts me these

yeah no its fine I'll just make an entire plan based on assumptions because NONE OF YOU ARE CONTRIBUTING TO THIS AT ALL

went on a late afternoon hike with my best friend. we saw some wild horses, also there is still snow on the ground up here for some reason

Pride Nails Part 2!

I used a rainbow holographic powder and painted a little rainbow on the accent nail :heart_pride:

yelling, caps, Big fuckin Mad 

I've noticed a lot of conflict and aggression on the tl lately and I would like to perform a cleansing spell for the fediverse, but I will need your help.
please pass this bucket around and fill it with your screams.

this is the painting of mew I just made, next is the reference picture I used for the pose, and then the two official pieces I matched the style to

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