some 15 year old southpark fanboy liked my post of these that I did on ig and I'm like :blobglare: :blobglare: begone juvenile edgelord this is not for you

the flag order is in the picture description but it's probably easier for some people if I make it an additional toot:

flag order left hand starting at thumb: gay, nonbinary, transgender, intersex, pansexual

flag order right hand starting at thumb: lesbian, genderfluid, bisexual, asexual, genderqueer

Pride Nails Part 2!

I used a rainbow holographic powder and painted a little rainbow on the accent nail :heart_pride:

why yes I AM gonna do a different nail design every week of pride month thank you for asking

none of them will be as cool as the first and I accept that

for Pride Nails Part 3 I did a bisexual flag inspired heart stamp ombre 😍 (with a scattered holo accent nail)

@rigatonimonster GotDAMN am I envious of your skill! :heart_parrot: I'm starting to put more effort into nail art but I'm also incredibly lazy and impatient; any tips? 😅

@interneteh nope, it's just a hobby. I've been doing nail art in at least basic ways since like 9th grade though

@rigatonimonster makeup and nail art is so cool. I really respect that level of skill

@rigatonimonster Holy shit that's amazing! Nice to see the intersex flag btw.

@bunnyjane thank you! that was honestly one of the tougher ones because I had never done an ombre with a real shape other than just stripes before now

@em I broke it up into 2 days 😅 but it was about 5 hours total

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