oh my god

my coworkers across the wall are trying to help another coworker understand the difference between steampunk, cyberpunk, and i shit you not: Daft Punk

Enter discipleship

she does not know the difference between steampunk and Daft Punk.

@rigatonimonster Daft Punk is a bit cyberpunk at least. Btw steampunk music is a thing and I implore you to never listen to it

@robotcarsley @rigatonimonster

assuming it is either heavily accordion based, or it's just regular punk but with little clock gears hot glued to the guitars.

@jackdaw_ruiz @rigatonimonster what little of it I wasn't able to avoid hearing was basically nerdcore with acoustic instruments

@rigatonimonster please don't tell them about crust punk, pop punk, post punk, ska punk, gore punk, and good ol' punk or there's no telling what might happen.

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