Rune-enchanted cant

your evaluation period for life(tm) has expired. please activate your life(tm) license by typing your product key immediately to continue living

Rune-enchanted cant

okay so post i guess:
hi im rei! im a sad nerd from maryland
im still discovering myself so i dont really have a preference when it comes to pronouns or anything like that
im probably mostly gonna be using this as an outlet to vent because honestly its just impersonal enough that im willing to just scream out all my negativity i feel into the void
i dont really have that many good relationships with family or friends so expect a lot of posts about that
anyways i hope whoever reads this is having a better life than i am :)
im gonna probably end up staying here for a while

Rune-enchanted cant
happy birthday to me
happy birthday to me
god im having an absolutely terrible day today
happy birthday to me

okay so
bt.c died again
this time, maybe ill be able to ssh in without it logging me out before i can do anything
i hope
i cant tell until i get home
shit like this is why i wanted to stay home today lol

i think digitalocean tripped on the power cord of my instance

ughhh i want to post more than just depression-posts but depression is all it seems my life is rn

i cannot wait until i can just leave and live alone
fuck my family they never were a family to me
fuck my entire current life
i cant wait until i can just start over

this family is nothing but fighting
this is why i dont use discord much anymore
i get exposed to enough fighting i blame myself for irl

i dont understand why in american schools we have to say a pledge of allegiance
its really cult-y and ive never felt comfortable doing it

oh also im gonna post on my other account primarily but ill boost some of the statuses here

stress eating is fun, its like you know you shouldn't be eating this much but you do it anyways for the small bit of short term gratification it gives you

"hey heres a free period do whatever you want

but it has to be schoolwork and no phones"
-school admins

thanks school admins

whenever i hear a song for the first time and i really like it i have a tendency to just loop it over and over until im sick of it
then i just move on

hiya, im rei!
im the co-owner of this instance with @algore
we like the blob turtle emoji so much we bought a fucking domain for it
anyways i have another account at @reitrace so i guess go check it out if you want
#introduction #blobturtle

okay so my instance is actually fully functional surprisingly
i am so happy right now

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