I made a rainbow gradient version of my first cat pattern, and it looks SO GOOD on mugs ya'll!! 😍 😍 😍 I love how dramatic Fergus looks with his beautiful chin cleft lmao!! ?


Okay I also drew Cipher... and I started this like, 'I'm gonna experiment. I'm gonna create texture. This is a digital painting." Now I don't know how the fuck to do that, and I accidentally switched some layers around and got boned trying keep those lines crisp and clear. Also, where the fuck is her mouth in this reference pic? Sometimes you gotta slap a :3 on it and be done before boredom slips in

Hey all!! It's been a rough month, capping off a rough year. I'm thankful as all Hell I'm healthy, here and able to offer PET PORTRAITS this Christmas! <3 Not only do digital pet portraits make super sweet and special gifts, but I LOVE doing them. <3

If I could get just THREE clients this month it would help me out soooo much!


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