Enter discipleship

is there a way to make zines on my ipad?? I loved using InDesign but I'm workin off a chromebook and an ipad lmao

@red_priest like digital or ones to print? bc i feel like anything that could put it into a pdf would work! i am not super familiar with ipad stuff tho

@red_priest oh also i use affinity publisher which is like whatever adobe thing and u have to pay for it but it’s just a single payment to buy it. i’ve been using it since the beta and i love it

@shade ooh I'm not against a purchase if it's worth it. I'll DEF look into this!! TY

@red_priest np! i think they have a free trial as well so u can try it out. it’s pretty simple to learn tho if u are already familiar i don’t think you’ll have a problem at all!

@shade both!! I just want to have an easy time formatting and moving pics and text without getting jammed up by technical limitations

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