Rune-enchanted cant

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☆ Kae
☆ neurodivergent
☆ fine artist, musician
☆ Pantheist

- Where to find my shit

Rune-enchanted cant

me, posting some bull shitte: I have an approximate knowledge of many things

my astral child Duke of Siddon waking me up in the morning asking for breakfast

moving instances 

Raul Julia 

Selfie no ec, w.l meta 

sometimes, or in fact most of the time, multiple narratives are true

I was googling "communist fashion" for some late night research and i found this

you ever make eye contact with a cat in public and you're like :^) and the cats like Σ>:•o and you're like :^(

using Pepe for hatred is now illegal and i'm so happy. as an artist especially it really broke my heart to see someones sweet creation get turned into a symbol of hate. like how fucked would that be if it was some shit you or I made, you know?? it may not have been a meaningful financial hit to the Enemies but I'll take it

rolling a joint, listening to Billie Holiday, donating to Antifa and transgending... the usual sunday

Butthole Surfers, origin of their name 

Yeah, I SKATE:

The high school loading dock
Every day

Here’s a very important picture of my son. Please give him faves

drugs, movie 

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