Rune-enchanted cant

my favorite recording artists are Green Day, The Inkspots, Rush, Boston, My Chemical Romance, Mort Garson, Elliott Smith, One Direction, Suede, Queen & Ween. and that's just the truth ya'll

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almost ready to start editing, just transferring my clips over, yeehaw!

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#2019 I ain't messin' around stay TF back negativity! bad vibes! dysphoria!

back when I was a Hollywood Bitch. This was the view from the first place I rented!

lmao throwback to the time I was trying to use the "Okay Google" command to find my phone... I could hear it's little sound acknowledging my command, but nothing else, so I had to keep saying it, and then I started swearing, and

I'm prepping to film and edit the Patreon video today! Wish me luck lol! My computer can only handle so much video processing stuff, so it's gonna be an act of time and patience just getting things chopped up properly. 😂 but if I can handle doing all this awesome content on such a small and limited little machine, I'm excited to SKYROCKET in productivity when I can eventually afford a new one. omg

yesss it's Saturday! time to pour coffee over my ice cream and watch cartoons!

"you owe me a response"

"If you don't engage with me its because you know you're wrong"

"you're abusing the block feature"

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