Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

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- Who Is?
☆ Kae, 26, they/them/theirs
☆ neurodivergent
☆ aro/ace spectrum
☆ someone who wants all queer minors to feel safe interfacing with their Elders, and loves knowing older queer ppl. we have a future, ppl <3

- What Is?
☆ fine artist / musician
☆ papa to 3 glorious felines
☆ polyam
☆ 🇵🇷 (mostly),🍀 (heritage)

- Witchy Stuff
☆ I regularly work with Loki, The Morrigan & Dionysus
☆ Eclectic DIY Pagan Art Brujx
☆ I work closely with the plant teacher we call Cannabis - I call her Mother Mary Jane, or Mother X
☆ Art is my magic, my calling, my all

- Where

Rune-enchanted cant

my favorite recording artists are Green Day, The Inkspots, Rush, Boston, My Chemical Romance, Mort Garson, Elliott Smith, One Direction, Suede, Queen & Ween. and that's just the truth ya'll

I'm nervous bcuz I scheduled a chat with my pal for 4pm but also my mom gets outta work between 4:30 and 5 and I'm not entirely sure when she wants to go to my brothers for his bday dinner.... hopefully we have at least the hour to dish and catch up :3

OMG yall my adopted cousin is coming home for the first time today!! I just heard the news! He is 9 months old and mixed Puerto Rican just like me and my sibs!! I'm so happy

🎶 please close your eyes and concentrate with every thought you think / upon the recitation we're about to sing 🎶

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Here's my beautiful girl, Chili, found in a Chili's parking lot. Dad kept her for a few years. He ended up getting a puppy and the two of them just didn't jive. He wanted to get rid of her and we were CRUSHED, so my grandmother adopted her. Now I see her every week and play with her, administer pets, do her litter and continue just adoring this amazing sweetheart <3

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sleepy but not quite ready for bed yet... the real question becomes, am I watching one of my fave Old Trek movies or more ds9....and ofc it's gonna be more ds9 bcuz I wanna thirst after Kira

Consider: A symbiote that makes her feel special. 🤷

i bet red isn’t even a natural ginger

Crazy how Maine is the only state that has ever had an honest politician run for office...

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