RED☮PANDA channeled
RED☮PANDA channeled
The War on Drugs is just a small part of the War on the United States

Hello fedi!
Just casting this introduction spell
I am an eclectic chaos witch who is just looking for some friends
I will follow back anyone as long as you are nice
This is an alt account for my light, positive, and fluffy side and I want to keep it comfy.
I am a cofe addict, non dedicated yogi, and notorious image hoarder
I also like to do tarot readings for people (I'm no pro, but I do my best ^^)
Lastly, have a great day! :blobfoxboop:
Blessed Be :pentagram:

@berserkx33 @fun @anna Thank you for the account, I look forward to meeting lots of interesting witchy types here :blobast:

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