Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

PSA: don’t forget to take care of both your mortal body and immortal soul today!!! i love you all :blobheartcat:

Rune-enchanted cant

asking for love and support is never a bad thing!! if anyone ever needs extra love or support just ask me!!! your local love and support witch is always here! :blobheartcat:

Rune-enchanted cant

a real sentence i said to my girlfriends family,
“she’s the softest cat ive ever petted. and ive pet a lot of cats in my time.”

it was in reference to the cat we just adopted. but that about sums up my social skills.

Rune-enchanted cant

im grace! im a super casual secular witch. i’m 23 and am coming from tumblr (maybe?!?). i’m a gay nb person (they/them or she/her pls) from the US. i enjoy tarot and sigils along with jar spells too. anyways that’s about it!!!!
:_witchhat: :blobcat:

Satan worshippers are silly. Why would you worship a deity that lost a fiddle contest to some random hillbilly in Georgia

wow okay i think i just failed my physics exam. i literally just didn’t have enough time to get it done and alSO!!! the class in the room next door was like turning up or something and i couldn’t fucking focus to save my life

when people are all "oh yeah, i can do an irish accent"

no you can't, please put it away

i sold my soul to the devil to have extremely shiny hair and some other useless talents


good morning mastodon. today is my first physics test and i’m Worried TM. it sounds like the whole class is underprepared tho. so maybe it’ll be curved?

- an openly queer mc
- a mc played by a lesbian icon
- extremely cute sisters who dont talk about men thank fucking god
- super powers
- anti heros
- gerard way of MCR wrote it
- robert sheehan :* :* :* gay
- mary j blige??? shockingly good.
- funny af but also serious
- the one cishet white guy mc is barely focused on because no one cares.

Public Libraries are the epitome of how socialist public property can work. I love public libraries because its kinda like my safe space for my ADHD riddled brain to quietly chill and do stuff.

emily is streaming!!! everyone go watch her bc she’s the bestest ever!!!

she’s playing,,, idk what but i’m sure it’s AWESOME. she’s got the best taste in games!!

(also if u don’t follow her on here what the fuck are you doing??? @kioskwitch )

I'm streaming!!!

Horizon Zero Dawn!! Now!

Come stop by if you want at

This is Icarus. The farthest away single star we've ever seen. It's a blue supergiant star, not a supernova or gamma ray burst or anything, just a star, seen from 9 𝘣𝘪𝘭𝘭𝘪𝘰𝘯 light years away.

We were only able to see it for a time because it was Gravitationally Lensed by passing directly behind another star and then magnified further by other galaxy clusters and dark matter. Spacetime acted like a telescope for this single star, magnifying about 2000 times.

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