Rune-enchanted cant
Rune-enchanted cant

PSA: don’t forget to take care of both your mortal body and immortal soul today!!! i love you all :blobheartcat:

Rune-enchanted cant

asking for love and support is never a bad thing!! if anyone ever needs extra love or support just ask me!!! your local love and support witch is always here! :blobheartcat:

Rune-enchanted cant

a real sentence i said to my girlfriends family,
“she’s the softest cat ive ever petted. and ive pet a lot of cats in my time.”

it was in reference to the cat we just adopted. but that about sums up my social skills.

Rune-enchanted cant

im grace! im a super casual secular witch. i’m 23 and am coming from tumblr (maybe?!?). i’m a gay nb person (they/them or she/her pls) from the US. i enjoy tarot and sigils along with jar spells too. anyways that’s about it!!!!
:_witchhat: :blobcat:

me holding up a plant: this is my plant

shower time, hoping to cleanse myself of my past but im just gonna get very fucking wet amaright

i dont want to break any hearts but let's not pretend peppa pig and caillou have different energy

about to take a lab practical and aaah i’m so nervous

To be honest all I want out of life is a tiny house and space for a garden and fruit trees and several cats and the ability to buy full-size candy bars to pass out on Halloween

y’all may be like fanny it’s 2019 why are u still salty about dw/moffat/the ponds? bc fuck u that’s why amy deserved better

lotta folks on this website saying they are cute who, in actuality, actually are cute.

as a white person with a decreased tolerance to spice bc of stomach issues i think this woman needs to get over herself and eat some more oninos bc they arENT SPICY???

i served a white woman who described red onions as "spicy" the other day

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if i was allowed to take my cat to work she'd just sit ton my desk and meow for food but just. be a good girl, i think.

if you were to log my activity you would find that my favorite activity is stressing myself out

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