I wanted to help support the wild bird population so I started leaving bird food in a feeder outside but I can now see I've mostly just caused a squirrel obesity problem

I'm not writing an entire blog post about how stupid a US TikTok ban would be because this is all that needs to be said:

If the Chinese government is in your threat model, don’t install TikTok on your device. Otherwise, your actual problem is surveillance capitalism.

when a politician says "if they can do it to Trump, they can do it to you" he doesn't mean YOU you, he means other rich people you. that's the you he's talking to.

and he's trading in his chevy for a dragula-la-la-la-la-la

@rbreich why is it that it seems like all businesses of any size are all just running scams. From the service corp that charges both the last customer and the next customer for the travel time of a contractor going between jobs, to the biggest corp not giving needed health care or banks with the garbage fees for nothing, to these job postings..

Yeah sure ban TikTok,
it’s true, it does collect way too much data on its users.

But then also ban Facebook, and ban Google, and
ban Instagram, and
ban Twitter,
and don’t freakin forget to
ban ALL proctoring software and
ban ALL data brokers!

Do you see the problem here?

A ban will solve nothing.
Strong #privacy regulations
with strong enforcement will.

It's expensive to be poor. It's ironic but true. You get charges and fees for everything. Higher interest rates. Overdraft fees. Late fees. Having only enough to buy what you need right now instead of buying in bulk. Losing your job because you can't afford to get your car fixed. Losing your car because you don't have a job. Even your mental faculties are drained, as you are forced to continually eat low-nutrition foods, "sleep" in miserable conditions, and be exposed to toxins and lack of medical treatment. The lack of liquidity wipes you out. Life really does kick you while you're down.

You can't tell someone trapped in that vicious cycle to "just" get a job or "just" make responsible decisions. Sometimes, no amount of good decision-making can stop the vortex sucking them down. So the next time you are tempted to place moral judgment on someone who lives in poverty, think twice.

Signed, someone who has been both a Have and a Have-Not.

Call for Submissions: Reclaiming Horror, a special issue of Full Stop Quarterly, guest-edited by Gillian Joseph. “Reclaiming Horror” is a special issue of Full Stop Quarterly dedicated to uplifting Indigenous creatives and understanding how Indigeneity shapes horror as both a genre and as an experience and expression of fear. full-stop.net/2023/03/17/blog/ #CallForSubmissions @indigenousauthors #Indigenous #Horror #Nonfiction #Essays

The Harlem Hellfighters were a predominantly Black regiment in WWI. They confronted racism even as they trained for war, brought jazz to France, and battled longer than any other American unit. They also won the Croix de Guerre for their bravery. The medals can be seen in the colourized photo.

My paternal grandmother was born in Berlin, Germany in 1900. She was, as was her whole family, Jewish. She was smart and driven. Had her own dressmaking shop by the time she was 25. But, the handwriting was on the wall, and she left home for New York in 1925. She learned English and worked as a dressmaker until she got married to an Italian immigrant she met in English language class. Some of her siblings stayed in Germany. Perished in the camps. Her youngest sister survived and came to America. But she was mentally damaged from that horror, attempted suicide at least once (had a scar around her neck) until she succeeded in drowning herself.

People talk about the horrors of fascism in the abstract. But for my family, it is very real. I think that we all need to speak about it.My generation, the grandchildren of the victims of the Nazis, is old now. I try to tell this story as often as I can.

Trump getting arrested tomorrow will be like how I felt when the rapture was supposed to happen.

If it does happen I actually will be shocked.

I just saw a terf saying "how were we as a group of WOMEN supposed to deal with a bunch of Nazis?" and, like, bitch, Lyudmila Pavlichenko accounted for close to 300 all by herself, surely a whole group of you plus hired security can deal with a dozen?

When men refer to themselves as ‘Alpha males’, I hear that in the context of software, where alpha versions are unstable, missing important features, are filled with flaws and are generally not fit for the public.

@tylerzonia @OhNoSheTwitnt Yup and this is an example of a double-bind, which is a manipulation method that keeps a victim on their toes, stressed out, feeling like a bad person, scared, and aware of who is in control. Very intelligent move for a psychopath.

@OhNoSheTwitnt this has to be the most roundabout way of accidentally banning women in sports attempted since having ankles became socially acceptable.

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