sunscreen just spilled all over my fucking backpack I want to die

me: goes downstairs to take ADHD meds
me: gets distracted, forgets what I was doing and goes back upstairs
me: repeats this several times

(vegan) food-related 

if only getting rid of acne was as easy as shaving

I feel like I might wanna move...but I don't actually know what happened here and I really love the theme here... :<

y'all I finally crashed minecraft I'm so proud of myself

at night I can relax and enjoy myself but during the day I have responsibilities and stuff to do and aghhhhh I just wanna not exist

I'm so fucking tired but I also really really don't want to sleep ahh

what the fuck why do people enjoy capsaicin it's literally just pain but in your mouth

I am going to domme the entire country of australia

@ida ??? very cool and good. beans/10 would recommend

30-50 feral boar vessels, 600-500 BC, etruscan ceramic

being vegan at my family's thanksgiving is gonna s u c k

I am not going to make a tumblr. I am not going to make a tumblr. I am not going to make a tumblr. I am not going to make a tumblr. I am not going to

gross my dentist's office is playing country music >:(

I understand the idea of not letting people edit posts so they can't edit it to smth completely different after people have already favd it and boosted it and etc but. That's a fuckin stupid reason let me edit my toots u cowards

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