Rune-enchanted cant

hey so smth about me I always wanna spread positivity but I'm never sure if it seems weird how much I do it so if it's too much please tell me!!!

hey everyone!!!!!!! did u know im love u????????

anyone have recommendations for good peertube instances? currently I'm looking at bc im a musician

y'all. the recorder is such an underrated instrument. literally the only dumb thing about it is it's name and that's bc english is dumb

might be moving back here bc apparently the ppl running sunbeam are shitheads πŸ˜”

I'm not moving entirely over quite yet, but if y'all want to go follow me on (@rachel0964) u should!!!!!

what was that site that you could use to look at the local tl of any mastodon instance?

I wonder why mastodon and peertube seem to be so popular in france (or at least with french speaking people)

people just. shouldn't be allowed to have names that end with s. so we don't have to deal with shit like idk ulysses'ss'ssss' when talking about stuff that's theirs

- ugly dolls movie 

the earth is flat!!!!!! vaccinations are bad!!!!!!!!!! A=438Hz!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

@dirt this is the closest thing to a selfie I've posted!!

having a barrel chest means I have a masculine torso, which sucks! but it also means that I have a large lung capacity which fucking rocks!

why hate on crocs when you can hate on airpods

when willy wonka said "if you want to view paradise, take a look around and view it"? big dick energy

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