@ghost_bird sorry! slipped me mind. Unfortunately idk if I can edit it now, otherwise I 100% would

@r9 And as a general suggestion, maybe don’t screenshot and boost hurtful stuff even if it’s so bad it’s funny?

@ghost_bird suggestion received, but also declined. Making fools of people who want me dead is one of my few joys in life. If its not for you that's chill, you do you. I'll try to be better abt remembering my CWs in the future

@r9 I’m sympathetic, but this seems less like making fools of bigots than just giving them a platform to me.

@ghost_bird Well, you're welcome to think that I guess, but it seems like a pretty big stretch to call mocking someone behind their back to your friends a platform from my perspective. I'm still going to ignore this unsolicited advice. Have a good one.

@chronicallymoe they're 100% serious afaik, this was just one part of a long rant about how trans people are a plague on god's house and we're all morally inept because we dont "get" the bible or w/e.

they're also super racist and homophobic, which surprises exactly nobody

@r9 Holy actual shit. Also, "don't get the bible". That's hilarious, I was raised in a Baptist church for most of my natural life and I still ended up thinking it was harmful bullshit.

@chronicallymoe personally i wasnt raised christian, but funny enough I ended up learning way more about the bible when I took up satanism, so I guess I do "get" it lol

@r9 That's the trick with christian belief systems tbh they just get drilled into their head that anyone who seems rational but doesn't think like them is just one of those clever agents of the devil luring you into hell or whatever. It's all insular paranoia and they feed it to children from day one along with the threat of Hell for questioning anything.

@chronicallymoe that sounds like an amazingly healthy way to deal with the world lmao. Rest assured, I am definitely not one of those clever agents. im dumb as shit. considering my view of satanism is that hell is a metaphor for being alive though, everything else is valid

@r9 that levi twat used to harass me all the time from freespeechextremist

i think he actually ended up getting banned

@lynnesbian holy shit, from *that* instance?? I didnt think they had standards. what an asshole lmao. Sorry he harassed you tho, fuck that guy

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