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Just had some ass look at me and @clio and say “if you two had a kid it would naturally be a genderbender”. When Clo couldn’t hear I repeated his comment &added “bc he can’t tell what’s in my pants” which he confirmed &said he only knew what was in Clo’s cause her voice(which is super low rn cause she’s sick)
I guess I should be happy I’ve reached this level of androgyny? But what on earth makes this dude think he can just start making assumptions about trans people like that?

My thing is has said it like four times before she had noticed. I was ignoring him bc i’m not dignifying that with a response no matter how much gall it took you to say

at that point though once we had acknowledged him I was torn between decking him and taking out my packer and setting it on the table. he still wouldn’t‘ve fuckin known what’s in my pants. dense fucker. couldn’t cause we were in the lobby at her new job(as fucking customers so it’s not even like he knew us or that she worked there like how tf does he live just saying that shit to people without getting punched in the face)

“bc he doesn’t know what’s in my pants” then i got up to get my drink. “you’re right” clo told me after you’re right was followed by “i know what’s in yours because of your voice i don’t know about that one” (not them, that one like i’m a thing)
probably would’ve done something stupid anyway if i’d heard him say the last bit in the moment

And i’m still angry not even specifically at him but bc i posted about this on fb and my stepdad was like “don’t worry about ppl like that me and your mom got you” and i’m like 1.) i’m allowed to be mad. 2.) mom had a damn meltdown when i changed my name and can’t use the right pronouns.

this dude called customer service on US bc the dude in charge of staff for the day defended us and master of offensive comments did not like that. i work at the same company! i’m allowed to be angry when he’s demanding to talk to my district manager and doesn’t even know we actually work there too! (i mean i’m at different location than clo obviously but same district) This is my life, this is my job, it’s not a bad thing to give a damn


I would have been fine if he had been talking with us normally, and brought it up as part of a conversation.

Sure, it still would have been rude - but I could've talked that through with the man. I can deal with problematic things said out of ignorance.

What I'm NOT OKAY with is that this random white man had the audacity to tell two COMPLETE STRANGERS not to have kids cause they'd be as androgynous as they both are.

And then when he got called out on that - he just went yup! I'm asking what's in your pants.

That's not ignorance.
That's hate - and he wanted it to hurt.

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