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Speaking of crows, friendly reminder that survival of the fittest doesn’t mean strongest, crows keep on by keepin together

@queerquill @LexYeen it's not survival of the strongest and meanest, it's survival of the fuckiest and best at caring

@queerquill Crows look after those they like. And give hell to those they don’t trust.


it's funny that people always recommend Conquest of Bread b/c I think Mutual Aid is actually a far more interesting read

Kropotkin wrote it basically as a refutation of Social Darwinism

@mal mutual aid? yea it’s basically just a list of animals that help each other. but it’s also a longer read and the bread book makes a good intro

@queerquill no wonder humans hate crows. Crows have empathy

@queerquill no wonder they are classified as one of the smartest birds :D


I think even Darwin's book proved that Nature was more cooperative than competitive. One of my hens was declining for a long time, and finally died this week, and all day, various hens from the flock sat with her on her deathbed.

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