Camilli channeled

A lifelong fact: not once has a crush even noticed my existence.

Also, I wanted to share: I made my way back to an old addiction - Curious Cat! If anyone has questions, want to share some thoughts or maybe just chat, I'm available on:

Haven't been around in the last few days but it's all bc I couldn't get anywhere near my books or practice. Hopefully I'll have something interesting to share next week. Hopefully!

Yep. Time to jump right into Peter J. Carroll's 'Liber Null' again. :blobcatfearful:

Also, putting up "pagan" as a description is kind of incomplete and overall nuts but (here we go) I'm going through this funny moment in life where I'm sort of transitioning between philosophies and I feel like I can't put myself under a single "class" or tell people I'm following just one magic current.

Maybe the right thing to start off in a new account is to write one of those super informative introduction posts.

Such a shame that I'm completely unable to introduce myself like... EVER.

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