I've really been jamming on Animal Crossing New Leaf this week. It's nice for when I'm feeling sick, and it's helping me bide my time until New Horizons comes out.

I’m such a mark. I’m kind of excited about this High Republic stuff Disney is hyping right now.


Excuse me, what I am doing is not "retweeting," it is AMPLIFYING VOICES and it is ACTIVISM.

if tom nook is a capitalist he's a shitty one. he offers us a window into what a post capitalist banking system could be like (no payment due date, pay as you can, no interest) but yall ain't ready for that conversation 💅

Have you folks seen this little green infant in The Mandalorian? It’s fucking cute!

i'm too sick to reset my skill slots and display settings in ffxiv

star wars posting 

Society is a lie, an illusion cast by sadists who prefer to imagine power rather than experience true peace.

Only Star Wars is real.

star wars posting 

The hall monitors have moved on and it's safe to use "epic" frequently again.

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