Rune-enchanted cant

DS9 “the forsaken” 

DS9 “the forsaken” 

DS9 “the forsaken” 

i've come to make an announcement 

I’m not really familiar with the source material but River City Girls has a style that makes me really want to play it

lynne bune - resumé

henlo i am smol rabbit. i am good at

✅ programmeing
✅ rimworld
✅ spending two hours writing a script to automate a five minute task i do once a month
✅ making loud squealing noises when watching animal videos
✅ i beat the undertale genocide run once
✅ configuring linux so you can type diacritics

please do NOT
❌ responsibilities
❌ loud noises
❌ laugh when i say something particularly naive
❌ minecraft with enemies turned on. the endermen make me cry

thank you.

ffxiv arr 

ffxiv arr 

The nice thing is I was level 57 before I reached hw so I figure in a couple days I can probably put daily roulettes on hold and just inhale the msq until postgame

no one:

me: lo-fi hip-hop is a genre that can't come to terms with the image that's been built around it. memes about 4/4 samples clash against the fact that these are individual musicians who are creating art, only for it to be shuffled into some youtube mix that may or may not give them credit. is it smooth jazz for millenials? is it music that sounds bad on purpose? does effort = art? these questions have to be answered for the genre to move forward.

also me: citypop sounds better tho

fyi the 'unicode consortium won't let the trans flag be an emoji' thing i've seen going around is wrong: indicates that the emoji subcommittee has recommended that it be added as per

it's still in draft candidate status (because unicode 13.0 hasn't been finalized yet) and could be rejected, but i haven't seen anything that suggests it will be

Looks like Simon's circuits don't just make himself glow.

Awesome art by Animancer ( ) of Lucky discovering one of Simon's hidden talents. Source ( )

who's interested in a thread about my wildest interactions in fast food so far

@remulacfrommars someone wrote to the Dear Prudence column a while ago saying, "my husband is an ICE agent and suddenly my friends don't want to be friends with us anymore, how do I make them see that he's really a good guy," and Prudence was like, "oh, see, your husband is a fascist actually, your friends are right to shun you"

FFXIV Heavensward 

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