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got these two in the final quest of ARR, looked absolutely iconic in the cutscenes I gotta say

PROSTATE orgasm? no thank you im an anarchist, im not pro-state anything

i think its bold and sexy of me to be falling back into my anime phase in my mid-20's

Here's some extremely cute Dragon Quest x Final Fantasy 7 art by Tetsuya Nomura

Pokémon sword and shield 

Pokémon sword and shield 

It occurs to me that some of you young folk have always lived in this world of bountiful memes. New memes every day, big memes, small memes, niche memes, memes that make their way to the heart of the zeitgeist.

It wasn't always like that.

In my day we had only one meme.

We made that meme into an anthem. A flag. An identity.

All our base belonged to it.

Pokémon sword and shield 

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