Rune-enchanted cant

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Hanging out with a bunch of butch lesbians, having a laugh and a good time

Banter with the plaids

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im going to work and the army sucks, telling everyone to disrespect a troop, telling everyone i was never an emo teen. thanks.

Trust is built, not spontaneously granted or taken away, but slowly constructed from small acts, and not always torn down completely by mistakes made. It rests on knowing the heart of another.

This has been an important lesson for me that I'm grateful I've had the opportunity to learnโ€”I'm quick to short-circuit to my own mistakes being devastating.

But, even with the serious ones, how one responds to having made them is a true judge of one's character.

good morning everyone, today's the day, I'm gonna propose to my sweetie

On my way to the Postal Museum. Beep beep, special delivery motherfuckers

Autumn looks ๐Ÿ‚(Selfies, eye contact)

girl hornt reply: omg you're so cute i love your boobs! wow ๐Ÿ˜
guy hornt reply: MMMM BABEY.... cant look away from you're ass..... rely wanna put my THING in ther......... fuck babye your so hot.... MMMMMmmmm wannt to lick thw sweat offof yoru eybrowns.....

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