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I said "OK Boomer" and my Google Assistant popped up

Nobody gets cancelled faster or easier than trans women online. 😡

the fact that it's 2020 and im not the copilot of a small, personal intergalactic spaceship with my girlfriend going around exploring uncharted planets on the universal frontier is honestly criminal smh

@Das_Milkhaus the only fediverse dev taking this problem seriously was kaniini, but she was run off by--and this is going to seriously shock you, i know--a lot of the same people harassing us now, with all kinds of bullshit about how pleroma is designed for harassment or whatever and blaming kaniini (who is queer and not white) for a lot of it

fedi drama 

tech industry folks have waged a war on the very concept of consent to the point that people are constantly blindsided by their violations of boundaries and the companies just shrug

one of the things i noticed talking to people about this is that folks are far less squicked out about machines than humans when it comes to reading their data. But no one talked about the contractors that transcribe voice assistant data or mechanical turk classification of sentiment to train those algorithms.

Once abusers know how to achieve this, they'll carry that knowledge forward. You know those people where all their exes are "crazy" or whatever? Yeah, them.

These people use social networks exactly the same way. Don't think you're immune.

Cancel culture is real, but it doesn't work how everyone seems to think.

A crucial thing to remember about people who are abusive is that they can and will adopt and adapt. They can and will take social processes intended to isolate abusive people and use them against the very people they themselves abuse.

Most of us know someone who became socially isolated in or after a relationship because mutual friends were fed shit about the victim. That they were the one abusing the abuser, or that they had a bad case of "crazy" that could be "proven" by some cherry-picked anecdata that conveniently got into the rumor mill.

can't believe italy basically pirated my shitposts and redistributed them to harvard

Sex is merely a construct invented by Big Pussy to indoctrinate us to believe we have to get laid or we do not have value

Is there a link to the full data yet or just the list of instances?

computer boys evolve into computer girls unless they are holding an everstone

Interested to see what isn't in the milan scrape data.

I'd like to confess my guilt on 32+ counts of witchcraft and malign sorcery. I'm also a shameless heretic but that was obvious.

So it turns out people learned nothing from the whole Cambridge Analytica Fucked Up Social Media thing.

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