@bitches basically the culture is to lionize the people who respond the most abusively to people fucking up.

@bitches snouts currently has 1 mod. the mod is someone who somehow has anna's address and about a year ago asked their followers if they should doxx her. so, you know, a great person to give any kind of power to.

there's a serious problem with abusive people in general on here

is anyone actually shocked that an instance whose only remaining mod once asked if it was ok if they doxxed someone is currently a complete shit show?


getting bored of mastodon and opening another tab to see how mastodon is doing :thonking:

liberals are just running unpatched politics

@itsnero I'm white. I've benefited from cop intervention in a non-metropolitan area of a majority white country that isn't the US. I've had friends & acquaintances be cops.

Every last one can go up against the wall anyway.

I hold the cops accountable for the reason I was in danger to begin with. Anyone that stays a cop is complicit.

If I, privileged white beneficiary, can figure this out by reading the many easy to find documented experiences of those less lucky, then others can too.

You have to put a lot of effort into staying ignorant at this point & if you're not ignorant, then you're invested. Cherry-picked "good cop" stories won't change my mind.

don’t fuckin make me come up there, america. I will turn this goddamn hemisphere around

@anna @IslandScrubJay his breadtube grift is beyond pathetic anyway since his brand is basically trying to get other breadtubers cancelled afaict

@anna @IslandScrubJay wow where'd this info leak from, who else is working with that scum?

@anna @berserkx33 @Lexilaughs what gets me is how it's the same people every time. the cancel brigade focusing on you and skel were primarily the same few people, just like the cancel brigades on twitter are always stirred up by same few notable personalities.

The politics of food under capitalism, death/sui mentions 

@esvrld @plausocks we got a SPT countertop dishwasher and a wheely cart thing meant for stuff like copiers so we could have something in our apartment. we have to connect it to our bathroom faucet and it can't do big things, but oh my god... so worth it.

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